Locally owned and operated, Pool Boy Services maintains and repairs swimming pools, spas and related equipment. We treat every client like family, and every pool as if it were in our own backyard. 


When your pool or spa needs to be rescued, call Pool Boy Services for friendly, reliable service. Using only the best industrial-strength pool chemicals and materials, our crew maintain your water clarity and sanitation while providing complete cleaning services.

We keep your water sparkling!


Residential Pool & Spa Care

• Clean or backwash your filter or DE system as needed

• Test water chemistry and pH balance and adjust as necessary

• Skim pool surface, brush pool walls & vacuum pool bottom

• Empty all baskets, skimmer/pump & load chemical feeders

• Check & inspect equipment

Complete Weekly Pool & Spa Maintenance


"Decades of pool cleaning experience through Florida weather makes the difference!"


Call  352.564.8887 to schedule service or for a custom quote.