Locally owned and operated, Pool Boy Services is a full-service service company that specializes in working with commercial properties.  Our business is set up to handle the pool service needs of management and real estate companies and hotels and motels. We carry the proper pool service licenses and insurances required by most commercial facilities.  The bottom line is that when problems inevitably arise, Pool Boy Services is easy to reach and ready to take care of them right away.

We keep your water sparkling!


Commercial Pool & Spa Care

• Clean or backwash your filter or DE system as needed

• Test water chemistry and pH balance and adjust as necessary

• Skim pool surface, brush pool walls & vacuum pool bottom

• Empty all baskets, skimmer/pump & load chemical feeders

• Check & inspect equipment

Custom Pool & Spa Maintenance
"A great local business providing great service & value to other local businesses!"

Call  352.564.8887 to schedule service or for a custom quote.